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Hogan Self Storage: Self Storage Tips

What top self storage tips do you need as a first-time self storage user? Hogan Self Storage is here to support you through the entire process—from locating a storage facility near you to identifying your storage needs, to renting and packing. We are your resource for all things self storage in Pennington, NJ.

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Self Storage Tips for an Efficient & Secure Storage Experience

Hogan Self Storage Tips - Choosing the Right Storage UnitPicking the Right Storage Unit

How can you determine the best place near you to store your items? When looking for a storage facility, proximity is one of your main priorities. A convenient location would be somewhere near your home or work, where you can quickly stop on your normal commute.

Then identify your specific storage needs, so you can find a storage space with the proper amenities to protect your items. If you plan to store items that are sensitive to moisture and temperature fluctuations, a climate-controlled storage unit offers premier protection. If you are looking for traditional storage and you would prefer convenience as a top feature, drive-up storage units are the way to go. Talk through your needs with a storage professional, and they can help you identify a storage space to best protect your items.

Visit Hogan Self Storage to see how we can best serve you in the Pennington, NJ, community. With indoor and outdoor storage options, we can set you up in a space you and your budget will love. Check out the different features we offer, and use our online storage calculator to determine the amount of space you need to rent. 


Hogan Self Storage Tips - Packing Your Boxes for StoragePacking Tips for Boxes

1. Plan the Packing Process Ahead of Time

Keep your precious items safe with Hogan Self Storage! We sell packing materials at our Reed Road office, so you can stock up on supplies before you start storing. We have boxes, bubble wrap, and so much more. While you are there, ask our storage experts any questions you may have about the rental or storage process. It is important to understand the regulations of your storage facility before attempting to store your items.

2. General Rule: Heavier on Bottom, Lighter on Top

When packing, ensure your heavier and sturdier items are placed carefully at the bottom of each box to form a strong foundational layer. Don’t be afraid to get creative and fill in any empty spaces—this will help keep them from caving in or crushing other belongings! Filling boxes completely allows for safe moves. 

3. Clean Items & Cover

To keep your belongings in top shape throughout the duration of their stay in storage, store them in good shape from the beginning. Clean off dust and dirt, and find a cover to fit it long-term. If you are storing a vehicle, make sure to clean the inside in addition to the outside. 

4. Keep Out Pests with Airtight Storage

Protect your valuable possessions from damage, pests, and moisture with proper packing. Invest in airtight bins or bags to ensure that antiques, tech gadgets, clothing pieces, and paperwork are stored away securely. Upgrade from cardboard boxes for moisture-sensitive items. 

Hogan Self Storage Tips - Packing Your Storage UnitPacking Tips for a Storage Unit

1. Build Your Layout with Convenience in Mind

An organized storage unit is the key to ensuring you’ll never be caught off guard in an urgent situation. To optimize your space, start by leaving a clear aisle down the center of your unit—it will act as a path for easy access, no matter where items are placed in the storage unit. As you are arranging, grouping similar possessions, such as winter clothing or kitchen appliances, saves time and effort when looking for something specific later on. Lastly, store often-used essentials up front so you can get them without needing to rummage through all of your belongings first. Your more precious and valuable items should be safely tucked away in the back.

2. Use Your Entire Storage Rental Space

You are paying for a big space, so you may as well use it up. Take advantage of additions, like shelves and racks, to customize the space to work better for your items. 

3. Identify Items That Are Prohibited to Store in a Storage Facility

Remember that not all items are suitable for storage in a storage unit. Perishables like food can draw in bugs and other pests, so leaving them out is recommended. Anything flammable or dangerous is prohibited at a storage facility to ensure the safety of all our tenants. Check for an extensive list of restricted materials.

Hogan Self Storage Tips - Vehicle StorageVehicle Storage Tips

Self storage facilities can offer a range of options for safeguarding your valued items, including your vehicles. Drive-up storage units provide the perfect solution for storing smaller equipment. Let our knowledgeable staff help you find the ideal storage setup!

To keep your vehicle in optimal condition, follow these preparations when storing it away. Begin with a thorough inside-and-out cleanse to get rid of any dirt or debris before covering the car up. For longer-term storage, don’t forget an oil change, followed by filling up its fuel tank—adding stabilizer will give you added protection against moisture build-up while idle. Check out Edmunds’ blog for more tips on preserving your beloved ride during downtime.

Hogan Self Storage in Pennington, NJ

Looking for self storage close to you? Hogan Self Storage is a convenient stop along Interstate 295. Located near Trenton-Mercer Airport, the College of New Jersey, and Rider University, we serve tenants with a wide variety of storage needs. Come to us for student storage, business storage, seasonal storage, and so much more! Our storage experts are available to walk you through your needs to find the best features and size to protect your belongings.

To find a storage unit right away, check out our online storage rentals. You can view all our available storage units on our website and take your time comparing and deciding. When you are ready, you can choose to rent your storage unit to move in right away or reserve it for a future date. Get started today!

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